Special products



By developing innovative solutions, our ambition consists in providing specific answers to the needs of refiners, fuel distribution networks, motor vehicle manufacturers and the motorsports world.


In close collaboration with the Total Research Centers, our teams have access to the best technology and most recent equipment for formulating their products.


Our expertise in support of racing teams

Our racing fuels and lubricants became famous thanks to the collaboration and technical partnership, initiated as early as 1967, with the major Formula 1 teams, world-renowned manufacturers and the most prestigious engine manufacturers.


Our expertise at the service of industries

TOTAL degreasing products have numerous characteristics allowing them to be used in different applications: cleansing of metallic pieces, tanks, machines, car bodies, etc. They satisfy the users’ needs during both cleansing and degreasing operations, in which operating modes require a certified and specific product.


Our expertise at the service of specific vehicles

The AdBlue® is an aqueous solution composed of 32,5% of urea and 67,5% of demineralized water. AdBlue ® is used by vehicles equipped with the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction), such as heavy duty, buses and even garbage trucks. Its use allows the transformation of 85% of pollutants (oxides of nitrogen, called NOx) into steam and harmless nitrogen.


Our expertise at the service of vehicle care

TOTAL car care products are a complete range which covers all your needs in car care. The range is structured around three segments: maintenance, performance and protection and comfort.

Total Liban : a leader in the market

Having clients’ satisfaction at the core of its business, Total Liban is present today with a network of about 190 service stations all over the Lebanese territory and offers a wide range of products.

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